Qingdao City, Shandong province, China

Oilfield Bearings

Premium provides a wide range of bearing solutions specifically designed for oilfield applications, with excellent experience in bearing design experience in rolling element bearings and engineered plain bearings. Premium utilizes the latest analytical tools that include solid modeling, finite element analysis, and proprietary bearing design programs that provide us with unique capabilities.
Premium provides TIMKEN, SKF, FAG,RBC, XIBEI brand bearings for Mud Pumps, Rotary Tables, Swivels, Top Drives, Draw Works, Travelling Blocks of National, Oilwell, Emsco, Bomco, Rongsheng, Gardner Denver, Skytop, Ideco, Drillmec, Weatherford, TSC, Honghua, RG, Tesco, Eweco and other equipments.
Premium Rig Parts Well Service Line Sheet
Brands of Bearing Oilfield Equipment Brands of Equipment
1 Timken a Mud Pump 1) National Oilwell
2 FAG b Swivel 2) Emsco/Bomco
3 CDI c Top Drive 3) Gardner Denver
4 SKF d Draw works 4) Ideco
5 NXZ e Rotary Table 5) Oilwell
6 RBC f Travelling Block 6) Drillmec
7 NSK     7) Weatherford
        8) TSC
        9) LS-NOV
        10) Honghua
        11) Ewco
        12) Eweco
        13) Tesco