Qingdao City, Shandong province, China

Drilling Rig Expendables and Equipments

At PREMIUM, we care about all the products and services we supply!

The Ultimate One-Stop Solution for Oilfield Drilling & Production Equipment Needs

At PREMIUM, we proudly offer Mud Pumps & Parts, Well Service Pumps & Parts, Drilling Equipment & Parts, Well Control Equipment and Wellhead Products, High Pressure Hoses; Drilling Rig Expendables, we also can provide various high-profile forgings, high-end machining, and world-class manufacturing services. Starting from premium manufacturing, through efficient global logistics & warehouse management, to final products sales service, PREMIUM manages it to the perfection throughout the whole process at every aspect to become:

Qingdao National Premium Oilwell Machinery Co.,Ltd.

is a global supplier serving the energy industries. They proudly supply products to oil and gas companies, rig manufacturers, drilling contractors, refineries, exploration and production operations. Their team has decades of experience and realize their customers are the key to their success. With their sales team and warehousing capabilities, they keep projects and operations on schedule and running smoothly. We pride ourselves on our resourceful network , prompt approach in finding the best and customized solutions to our clients. We commit ourselves in working with all proper and reliable established procedures to insure overall client’s satisfaction. Our strategic alliances with the best manufacturing companies give us the strength to give our customers the best service and product. Our extensive line of products complies with the highest quality, best prices and best delivery time to satisfy all customer requirements with high ethical standards and transparency to guarantee total client satisfaction.

At PREMIUM, we care about all the products and services we supply!
----The Ultimate One-Stop Solution for Oilfield Drilling & Production Equipment Needs----